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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Just A Kiss (A Fake Boyfriend Billionaire Romance) by Tabatha Kiss

 Millionaires don't appear to be enough anymore, so let's hit on the billionaires.  They're people, too.

Penelope has a hated family reunion at an all expense paid high-class resort.  I think I could tolerate that just for the fact of a free sort-of vacation.  Penelope's problem is that the family has a perfect match for her, and it's the same Dillweed every year.  Family friend, of course.

The fake boyfriend she set up ditched her last minute, so with a desperate plan and a good-looking man at the bar twenty bucks might by her freedom for the weekend.

Hayden hangs out at the Botsford Hotel while he recovers from a baseball injury and is bored.  Bored enough to play the game with a beautiful, desperate, but not eager woman.  Game on.

I mentioned Penelope's desperation.  Her mom is leery of the "new" boyfriend.  Mr. Dillweed doesn't like or believe it.  Penelope's dad loves Hayden.  Hayden is surprised at his interest.  Mainly because she's not gushing all over him like most other women.  He's had a lot of girlfriends/one-nighters.  

There are a few hurdles to leap for an understanding between Penelope and Hayden to come to at the same time...over zealous reporter, parents, Dillweed butting in, Penelope's dream job as a hair stylist, and Hayden's bank account with his family's name on it.

It's a delightful ride from the first kiss for money and the last kiss which could be real!

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