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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Scents and Non-sense



        Hello, gentle readers! Hope you are well and staying safe!
        I wasn’t well last week. Caught a cold, my first one in over five years. Wasn’t happy about that. It wasn’t a bad cold…more annoying than anything else (I did use a whole box of tissues…the soft ones and for a while, I sounded like Minnie Mouse!)
        I have to be careful about what I take because a lot of over the counter “cures” don’t mix well with my regular medication so I did what any desperate to breathe person would do in that situation. I resorted to an old family remedy—Vick’s VapoRub.
        Oh, the rush of childhood memories that invoked as soon as I rubbed it on!
Of course, that brought even more memories because certain aromas will do that to you. Noxema for sunburns. Mothballs in my grandmother’s closet. Fresh ground coffee from the grinder at the end of the registers at the A&P. The brisk smell of autumn and woodsmoke in the air at certain times of year. The clean scent of newly fallen snow, a freshly mowed lawn or rain.
I realize that certain aromas are important as they do invoke memories and leave a lasting impression. I wore Cachet perfume for over thirty-five years (until they stopped making it) and everything I owned smelled like it. My DH still misses that scent (as do I). I now wear Black Orchid and it smells nice, but it’s not the same.
My characters have certain scents that are uniquely theirs. One of my heroines wore vanilla, which reminded the hero of cake (odd, I know, but it worked). My current hero smells like a pine forest, which brings memories for my heroine (she thinks he smells like Christmas and all the happiness that entails). She has a fresh spring rain scent, but I’m thinking of changing that. Not sure what I’ll go with. Musk? No, too strong and not her at all. Lily of the Valley? Again, not her. She’s much too assertive for that light, delicate scent. Any suggestions? 
Until next time, remember to spread kindness wherever you go.


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