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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

An Unexpected Find (Silver Falls, book 1) by Hayleigh Sol

 I couldn't help but chuckle as the story began.

Sophie Grimaldi's Friday night adventure starts after work as she hustles to the library before closing to retrieve her reserved romance novel.  Her dates consist of pages of someone else's love story.  The funny part is when she discovers a handwritten love scene tucked in between the pages.

It's horrible.  It's written by a man.

She cringes as she reads the scribble.  Unable to stop herself, she edits the scene and tucks it back in the book and later returns it that way.

Jax Rowland is a bestselling mystery writer.  When his publisher wants him to add a triste to his stories, he finds himself at a loss on how to write a readable sex scene.  The best way to figure that out is to borrow a few romance novels and study their composition.  

Accidently leaving his notes in the returned book, he desperately wants to retrieve them.

He reclaims his notes along with the edits.  Maybe, just maybe he can hire this  "editor" to do the love scenes for him.  Worth a try.

This begins an online love scene swap.  The scenes are hot and encourage Sophie and Jax to consider meeting each other in real life.  

The introduction doesn't start so well.  As with the writing, the meeting has room for improvement.  With a little effort, will Sophie and Jax become friends or more?  Relationships can begin with a text!

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