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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The Ex by Alafair Burke

 You can't always know everyone, their personalities, their hidden side, especially in a city as big as New York.

Olivia Randall, a public defender, receives a call from the daughter of a former boyfriend.  It was twenty years ago that she dumped him, and she still feels guilty.  Since then, Jack Harris had gotten married and had a daughter, which led to a happy life.  Not long ago, a fifteen year-old boy shot and killed his wife.  

Jack can't imagine being interested in another woman until he sees a replica of Olivia sitting in the park reading his favorite book.  He and his friends go on a hunt to find out who this woman is.  At a scheduled meeting with the dream-girl, three people are shot to death.

This is why Jack's daughter calls.  She begs Olivia to represent Jack because he's the most likely shooter.

Olivia can't believe Jack would kill anyone for any reason until a few loose strings appear in his defense.  Proving him innocent will assuage her guilt, but can she?

Her boss repeatedly tells Olivia she is wrong and the evidence points to Jack's guilt.  Long hours gathering evidence, talking with Jack and her boss, leaves Olivia wondering what love really is.  

It's a curvy path to Jack's trial of the triple homicide, and is the real shooter free?  Is Jack the man Olivia remembers?  Or did she move on and find love with another man?

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