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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon

 You may wonder why I'm presenting an older version of a romance, yet the novel isn't quite in the classic genre.  I thought it would be fun to experience the difference in writing from the 1980's and now.  

If Tomorrow Comes was a best-seller just as there are many current best-sellers.  The story is fast paced, loaded with adventure, and what isn't better than romance ripping the seams out of any character's plans?  

Tracy Whitney has a career in Philadelphia banking and is engaged to a rich man with a rich family.  Their unborn baby will have a brilliant future.

When her mother commits suicide in New Orleans, Tracy abruptly leaves to find out why. She quickly, and kind of irrationally, comes up with a plan to get back at the men who she feels caused her mom to lose it.  

Her first plan against the local Mafia ends her up in prison.  Getting worse, her fiancĂ© cuts her out of his life, and she loses the baby.  Tracy will never give up, though.

 A greatly imaginable scheme to break out of prison starts her new career as a thief.  She loves it, and she takes away money and assets from people who really don't deserve what they have.  

Jeff Stevens turns up repeatedly during her encounters for stolen goods.  Like many men, she doesn't trust him and thinks he wants to step in on her plans.  Surprisingly, he gives her tips as a co-thief.  Interest and a relationship begin to hatch.  They travel the globe as thieves until they decide to retire in South America.  

Granted, it's so much fun being bad!

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