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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The Texas Hero's Homecoming by Charlene Sands

 A failing farm and a father failing in his ability to keep the farm together is a growing problem for Autumn Messina.  She has a dream of becoming a teacher, yet at the same time keeping the farm running is running her down.  

 On a frustratingly hot day while at work on the farm, Sam Russell appears.  Autumn is not in the mood for her former crush to show up.  

 Sam completes ten years of special forces and returns home.  He owes his life to Autumn's brother and intends on repaying the family. 


Sam left Autumn behind when she was a teenager, and her anger erupts in a fresh barrage of doing whatever it takes to keep him out of her business.  Although, he has a lot of good ideas.

Meanwhile, as Sam attempts to help the farm, he also joins a local group of veterans.  He learns how to help them through rough patches, which includes making them feel useful.  

Sam's knowledge of the farm, hardworking veterans, and continual kindness to Autumn start to crack her guard against him. 

It's only a matter of bumping into each other a few times, results on the farm, and a constantly changing plan that draws Autumn into Sam's arms for good.

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