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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Things We Hide From the Light by Lucy Score

 When everyone figures out that working in teams can result in a lot more answers and happiness, we'll find a much more loving world.

Nash Morgan, Chief of police of Knockemout, VA, is the leader of a team.  He has a hard time communicating since he was shot and can't remember what happened.  That must be terrible.  He feels he can't do his job, shutting his mind away from others, and a woman isn't in the cards. 

Studly-Do-Right is what Lina calls him.  Good looking and a pain in her ass.  Especially since she is kindly offered to rent the room next to Nash's.  Her purpose for being in town is strictly work, related to the work Nash has at hand.  She can't let him know.  She likes to love 'em and leave 'em, so it's not her style to be sentimental and honest with men.  

Something is different in Knockemout right now.  An attempted murder on the chief of police, a missing and insured classic sports car, and Nash and Lina both after the same guy.

They can't avoid each other forever.  

Each run-in creates heat.  

If the fire ignites, they can share investigative evidence.

If the fire ignites, they can share each other.  

Unlikely.  Nash and Lina are both against the tingles of sensation that bounce between each other.  Sometimes a weakness can make a strong alliance.  

This is a scorcher of a romantic suspense.  The search for the criminals, and the love and romance have one problem after another.  As long as all, or at least most, of the problems are resolved, Nash and Lina can make a truce to allow themselves happiness.

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