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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Rent Yourself An Elf by Savannah Scott

 Not too late for a great Christmas story.  Don't forget Easter is just around the corner and the holidays are related!  For whatever reason, I was in the mood to read this.

It's a delightful rom-com, and Noelle has a problem with Christmas.  It's not that she doesn't like it, but rather it was always centered around her grandmother who has passed and left her home for Noelle as an inheritance.

The house is old and needs a few minor repairs.  As a grade school teacher, Noelle has little time to do much more than plan to teach and teach.  She squeezes in a few dinners with her best friends.

They surprise her with an elf because she needs entertainment other than just work.  

His name is Liam.

Liam is a handyman for hire, wearing a Santa hat for the occasion, and appears at Noelle's door to do handywork for two days.  He's too busy and consumed with his trade to think about women.  

Noelle isn't perfect like her sister.  Yet, Liam notices everything good about her immediately.  

The kindling is set for the fire.

When she gets herself in a pickle over needing a date for a family event, let's see if Liam can fill the ticket. 

The match is lit and will the fire burn?!

 It's a feel-good read and can be enjoyed even without decorations and snow for the holiday!

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