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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

First Kiss Train Wreck by Michelle Pennington

 Rian has a problem with first kisses, so first dates are her specialty because there's never a second date.

She works at Booms and Nibbles and flips houses with her best friend, Troy. You wouldn't think she has time for dates, but they are always around the corner.

The new marketing man immediately finds her attractive and asks for a date.


Troy to the rescue.  Riana accepts the offer of a lesson on first kisses.  Friends can do this, right?  With a blush from Troy, the lesson begins.  Rian isn't nervous this time, so that must be why it is the best kiss ever experienced from her point of view.  

She's ready for the next first date.  Granted, more lessons may be in order.

Does this make it two men on her roster, the new marketing guy and Troy?  Maybe she should narrow the field down and pick the new and exciting or the known and dependable amongst other attributes.

She has a work relationship with both, both handsome, both desirable...  What will she do?

Romantic comedy can always lift your spirits and leave a good feeling in your heart.

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