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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

The Secret Life of Sunflowers by Marta Molnar

A fabulous contemporary/historical romance!  As an auctioneer in New York, NY, Emsley Wilson's life is on auction.  Her grandmother, Violet, passes after a "free bird" life in painting and social connections.  

Emsley inherits Violet's New York brownstone and a blue box with an old painting and a pile of yellowed letters.  The initial intention is to sell the home along with saving her auction business, ditching one of the partners who wants to ditch her, and meeting the real estate attorney Violet suggested.

Can we add a little more to Emsley's to-do list?  Of course.  

Bram Dekker, attorney, meets with Emsley to help her with legalities.  He wears a wedding ring, so Emsley doesn't understand his interest in her.  He's gorgeous, kind, and respectful, but he has a ring on.  

In between cleaning the house, and everything else. Emsley takes a minute to transport us back in time through the old letters in the box.  The letters are written about Johanna Bongor-van Gogh. 

The story is rich in contemporary and historical romance along with such an interesting background of Vincent van Gogh.  I may have to pick up his biography to see how close the information is.  It also exemplifies the fight women take up to be recognized.  

I hope, if you pick up any of the books I review, this is one of them!

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