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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Eloise and the Grump Next Door by Emma St. Claire and Jenny Proctor

 Eloise, let's call her Lo, presents us with a humorous and delightful summer romance.

She recently graduated from college, and the post-graduate degree she hopes for isn't available.

To add to her non-acceptance for a masters, her beloved grandmother passes.  The grandmother she always promised to visit yet couldn't find the time or air fare to get there.  Lo did write to grandma, which is a tiny consolation in Lo's mind.  

Her and her two successful sisters inherit grandma's old home on Oakley Island with the codicil that they revamp the construction and open a B&B.  After that, keep or sell.  Her sisters decide Lo should stay and take care of the situation because she has nothing better to do.

Grandma's lawyer poses another issue.  Jake accidently meets Lo on her twenty-first birthday.  I won't say more about that embarrassing scene, but you get the idea, I'm sure.  

Jake keeps his friendly, inner self hidden well under a grumpy exterior.  Even if he needs to be close at side to Lo through the remodeling and spending.  Not to mention he lives in the duplex next to where she will stay.  

Lo's kind and innocent heart may be a catalyst to melt the ice at Jake's core.  Although, she hasn't given up getting her masters degree, and Jake won't stand in her way.

What happens when life, work, education, and love entangle themselves?  It may take more time to make a plan, but it's definitely a possibility to fit the puzzle together and make everything happily fit together.

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