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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Make Me Shiver by Heather Slade

 There are still dukes and duchesses, spies, and assassins in the current world.

The Duke of Wells, nicknamed Shiver, is in line to move up when his ailing father dies.  Intelligent and iconically good looking, he has a problem that keeps him on his toes other than running a county in the near future.  His problem comes in the female form with a lot of metaphorical fires to put out.  

Losha is her name.  The rest about her is unimaginable such as she is a former Russian assassin on the run with her baby.  Once the property of Russia, it's impossible to divorce yourself from the government's grip.  She has a bounty on her head and only a few people she can trust to help her escape.  

With a large team to help him find Losha, Shiver will not stop his search and believes he can save her and the baby, no matter who the father is.  

Their past, filled with intensity and lust and love, does not allow Losha to give in to Shiver.  It's a path of deception, killing, and hiding until a romance may have a chance if the heart wins on both sides of the game.

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