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Monday, March 1, 2010

LADY IN WHITE by Denise Domning

I read a lovely romance recently and just had to share it. It’s so fun to talk about books one has read. It keeps them alive just a little bit longer that way.

This book, LADY IN WHITE, by Denise Domning, is an historical romance. It is amazingly crafted, incredibly accurate, and beautifully layered. There wasn’t a character or event that didn’t rivet me to the story. Belle is a widow with a child. Jamie is the steward and friend of the reclusive Squire Nicholas, and Jamie is sent to the court of Queen Elizabeth I to bring home Nicolas’ new unwanted betrothed, Belle.

Between the politics of religion at the time, a secretly wed Nicholas (whose body, by the way, is covered in burn scars) and a growing attraction and love between two very honorable people, namely Belle and Jamie, the tension and angst of this romance is strong. Then throw in the Queen’s representative who is there to make sure the wedding between Belle and Nicholas takes place and is consummated, then add a rebellious governess, and the relationship cords are stretched to the limits.

I will tell you someone dies, someone is almost hanged, and someone changes sides, but you’ll have to read it to find out. With all this said, this is not a complicated novel, simply one that keeps your attention, your mind working, and your emotions spinning. This is a beautiful read in my humble opinion.