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Monday, March 15, 2010

Do You Follow Your Favorite Authors Across Genres?

Some romance authors have amazing talent and are able to successfully write in many subgenres. Sometimes this necessitates different pen names as in the case of Tina Gerow writing Paranormal Romances and her other side, Cassie Ryan, writing Erotic Romances. Or there are others who can use the same name and write all types of subgenres like Johanna Lindsey who writes Western Romances, Historical Romances, and even a few Futuristic Romances.

When I find an author I like, I follow them across all the romance subgenres and to my surprise, I have found there are a number of subgenres I really like. But what about when an author crosses genres? I always loved Julie Garwood romances, and then she started writing mysteries. Unfortunately, I don’t care for that genre so I don’t read her mystery books. I know that Nora Roberts, a real genius in the romance field, also writes futuristic suspense under the name J. D. Robb, but while I’ve read some of her romances, both historical and contemporary subgenres, I haven’t picked up a J. D. Robb book.

I’m rather curious about what other readers do. Both Garwood and Roberts are excellent writers, so it is not their talent that causes me to avoid buying some of their books, but rather the subject matter. So tell me, do you read across romance subgenres? Do you also read across genres if it is a favorite author of yours? I would love to know.


  1. I will follow a writer across all genres, but then I'll read pretty much anything. Conversely, there are some authors who I won't read any of their pen names. Guess it cuts both ways.

  2. Really Linda? That's interesting. So for some authors with pen names, is it the genre they write or that you don't know it's them or something else?

  3. It's them. I won't read anything of theirs. EVER!