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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: Rainwater by Sandra Brown

I must say that I have been choosing the best books to read lately. Sandra Brown’s Rainwater reminded me how incredibly powerful characters are. The plot is very touching also, set in Texas during the Dust bowl.

A proclaimed widow, Ella, has little time for herself as she manages a boarding house and dotes on her young, autistic son. During the early twentieth century, her son, Solly, was labeled an idiot savant, a harsh stigma as the medical field knew little about his condition. Ella does her best to care for him, manage his outbursts, and avoid sending him to the suggested asylum.

Dr. Kincaid, friend and medical advisor for the town, requests a room at the boarding house for Mr. Rainwater. Ella accepts the plea under duress as she worries how much of her time Mr. Rainwater will need considering he’s terminally afflicted with a disease she prides herself with not asking about.

During this time of economic disaster, there’s little to depend on except yourself and the helpful hand of your neighbor. Mr. Rainwater unobtrusively assists Ella and begins a communication with Solly. An action here and a comment there, Ella finds it unacceptable to admit the slight electric reactions she feels between herself and her new boarder.

The desperate conditions and sincerity of Ella and Mr. Rainwater simmer throughout, as I find myself urging them to allow their deserved happiness. This is a must read to rediscover the pure intentions of love and how it can wipe away problems, even for a brief time.


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