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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

. . . and they lived Happily Ever After

Why do you read romance novels, whether historical or contemporary? Is it the characters? The setting or time period? Love?

For me, it’s the Happily Ever After ending. I’m a sucker for it. Need it. Crave it.

No other fiction – and I enjoy mysteries, horror and suspense – gives you that deeply satisfying ending like a good romance will. The knowledge that the hero and heroine have overcome all obstacles to find their soul mates leaves me (and maybe you) filled with hope, filled with optimism this kind of happy ending can happen for us.

Real life, as we know, is not like romance novels – unless we’re very fortunate. My husband and I celebrated thirty (yes! Thirty!) years of marriage in January and I can truthfully say, I’m still in love with the man (and I think he with me). Like the heroine, I’ve found my soul mate and like romance novels, we’ve had our own obstacles to overcome but we’ve managed. We can still laugh with each other, trust each other to accept us for who and what we are, talk with each other or share quiet moments.

Happily Ever After. Yes, it can happen! And isn’t that why we read romances? To dream? To wish? To have faith we’ll have this kind of ending too?

Happy reading!



  1. Beautiful article, Marie.
    Many times we, the readers, believe novels are full of fantasy and not realistic in their good fortune endings. Not so, as you have proved in your own life. I'm on lucky number 13 in years of marriage...and I do mean lucky!

  2. Marie, I love happily ever afters because I want to believe they exist. I believe that if an ideal is believed in long enough, eventually it can become real. I'm working on 15 years now with my husband and I can tell you I'm loving it :-)

  3. Thanks, ladies! And congrats to all of you in long term relationships. We all know it isn't easy but you know, it's worth it, indeed, THEY'RE worth it. I truly believe happily ever afters exist and they exist because we believe.