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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review: Too Hot to Handle by Robin Kaye

Waking up with the man of your dreams, hot in every way, is more like a nightmare when Annabelle glances his way. The man resembles her former fiancé who happens to be dead. Although, the living man who accompanied her home the previous night after a wedding has a different name, Mike.

Annabelle feels a disaster is imminent with any future man considering her past. There aren’t enough in Brooklyn to chance another relationship. Her first fiancé died and her second fiancé she was lucky to get rid of. Any thoughts about a third revolted her.

Mike has his own problems. They come in the form of his unknown father wanting to jump back in his life and being a doctor isn’t such a perfect job.

Robin Kaye makes her readers laugh and cry along with the characters as they stumble through their own misfortunes, not wanting to admit at the same time that they need each other. Annabelle may need an extra nudge or two after she discovers who Mike’s father is. Money means nothing when it comes to love.

I suggest staying up all night for this funny and sexy romance.



  1. Excellent review, Dawn. Too Hot to Handle sounds like another book I'll be adding to my TBR pile. *sigh* So little time, so many good stories.


  2. Hi Dawn~

    I'm so glad you liked Too Hot to Handle! Thanks for the great review...


    Robin Kaye:)

  3. Yes, Marie, I have piles of great books, too. I'm actually making headway and am glad I can share it with other readers!

    What a treat to have the author stop by:) and you're welcome. I told you I was reading your book, Robin, and can't wait to get to your others!