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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review: CUT AND RUN by Carla Neggers

On the outside, Juliana Peperkamp is a reserved and talented concert pianist.  It’s not surprising when Matthew Stark, a news reporter, becomes interested in her.  She could provide a valuable story.

The surprises begin to accumulate as a connection between a US senator, a homeless veteran, and another veteran in hiding seek out Matthew.  And Matthew isn’t the one who may have control of a family secret that has continued for four hundred years.  That would be Juliana’s part.

Suspenseful twists begin when Carla Neggers crafts each character's story and unites their lives with a family heirloom, blackmail, guns, and murder.  Let’s not forget that Matthew and Juliana can’t help but let their attraction cause another variable in their survival.

Cut and Run is a gripping read, full of tension and what-ifs.  Money and power are the biggest catalysts that make former heroes and leaders attempt to dip below the radar of the law.  Yet love has its own agenda to keep the honest safe.


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