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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What about Mysteries?

I love historical romances. Let me rephrase that….I love romances. Period. But I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you that I also love mysteries, those classic who-done-its that have been the staple of many a reader. For a while there, I couldn’t get enough. (Thankfully, the public library was within walking distance of my house so I spent a lot of time there, finding fabulous authors and picking up everything the shelves had to offer).
Bill Pronzini is wonderful. He has a series called “The Nameless Detective.” I’ve read about thirty-three of his books and never, not once, has he ever revealed the name of his character (it’s all told in first person). I love that, but it also frustrates me…..can’t tell you how many times I’ve shouted out “What is your NAME?” Alas, Mr. Pronzini has never said.
Marcia Muller is also wonderful as is Carolyn Hart and Nancy Pickard. Sara Paretsky’s VI Warshawski? Love her too. And of course, I couldn’t write this without mentioning Sue Grafton. Absolutely adore her Alphabet series and her character Kinsey Milhone. And, be still my heart, Agatha Christie, the grand dame of the Who Done It.
There’s something so satisfying about the hero or heroine catching the bad guy, isn’t there? And don’t you just love that? I know I do.
So, any of you out there love mysteries as much as I do? Who are your favorite authors? Or will you keep that information to yourself and let it remain….a mystery?

As always, happy reading


  1. Hi Marie!
    Yes, I do love a mystery, too. That's probably why I read and write romantic suspense as I consider those a bit mysterious:)
    For my book club I was in charge of picking a mystery for January...we try to be ahead of the game. I picked Scotaline. Can't remember her first name and that might not be the right spelling, but I heard she's really good. Does the author name look familiar to you?

  2. Hi Dawn!
    Her name is Lisa Scottoline and she writes legal thrillers. She is fabulous. There is also Lisa Jackson who does romantic suspense and she is wonderful as well. Anything by either author would be perfect for your January book club.