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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review: CRIMINAL DECEPTION by Marilyn Pappano

Since when is honesty the best policy?   I’ve always agreed with that statement, yet in Criminal Deception honesty is one-sided.

Escaping to a small town, Copper Lake, Joe Saldana, trades in his Armani for jeans and T-shirts to own a coffee house and leave behind his mistaken identity that got him shot.

US Marshal Liz Dalton follows Joe in search of his fugitive identical twin.  Liz goes against her better judgment and wants Joe for more than an informant.  She can’t tell him that she’s working, so the small steps in trust are won under a deception and the pouring rain.

Does Joe know his brother’s whereabouts?  Does Liz believe him?  How can Joe trust Liz if he ever finds out their beginning is a lie?  That may be small peanuts compared to the fact that the mob is still after the twin, Joe, and Liz.

A fast paced read plumped up with guns, love, and lies. 


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