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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: THE VALCOURT HEIRESS by Catherine Coulter

Catherine Coulter has a way of letting us know that feminism is alive and well in all ages including the thirteenth century England.

Merry of Valcourt detested the idea that her mother, whispered to be a witch, arranged for her marriage to an evil man, Jason of Brennan, who had no considerations for Merry’s wellbeing.  The best Merry could think of was to disappear.  She’d think later of where to go.

In a disguise, she escaped and found herself overrun by Jason and his men until her knight in shining armor, Lord Garron, saved her.  Garron didn’t realize she was a female in stable boy’s clothing as she hid in the woods amongst the confusion.

He also didn’t realize she was the same “boy” he saved when she appeared at his newly inherited Wareham Castle, which he found in ruins and most of the residents slaughtered.

Merry worked hard at organizing the rebuilding of the castle in order for Garron not to send her away or question her background.  It’s highly unlikely that a priest’s bastard, as she insisted of herself, is educated and can run a castle.

Garron had more on his mind than the beautiful wench running his home.  He needed to find and kill the one who massacred his people.

Coulter depicts the age with language, setting, and characters that I could not help but feel transported to medieval times as I lived the danger of the hunt of Jason of Brennan and the fight against the unprecedented attraction between Garron and Merry.  Long live the Lord and Heiress!



  1. Thank you, Dawn. I love Catherine Coulter, and it doesn't matter if she writes historicals or contemporary (love her FBI series). We'll just add another book to the pile....someday, I hope to read them all. Need a couple weeks off for that.

  2. You're very welcome-if only I could give you that couple of weeks!