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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Last Victim by Karen Robards

A criminal pathologist, Dr. Charlotte “Charlie” Stone, has more than her expert degree to help her find a serial killer, which has returned from a hiatus of seventeen years.  The opposite of science, she also has her sixth sense of seeing recently murdered victims.

She doesn’t’ want to see the barely cold bodies come alive again, but she needs more than FBI Special Agent Tony Bartoli’s help to stop the killings.

Tony is an experienced agent and does his best for the investigation, but there’s another man involved that he doesn’t know about and can’t see.

The other man happens to be the convicted felon, Michael Garland, who dies in Charlie’s arms. A felon can have a hot body and a few good characteristics despite a criminal streak, and Michael proves it…after death.

The page turner with this story is the constant suspense and a maze to find the killer along with two nearly eligible bachelors competing for Charlie’s attention. 

They both get attention, but only one wins in the end.


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