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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mercy by Helenkay Dimon

Dimon started Mercy with a fabulous twist.  A lethal, female CIA agent wants to get caught!

Agent Becca Ford can get herself out-of and into any type of situation, and she chooses to pretend to let Jarrett Holt, a man she set-up for jail time, detain her on his property.

When you find out their background, full of erotic romance and treachery, the story will entice you all the way to “The End.”

Becca’s and Jarrett’s sexual prowess is full of demands and orders happily performed all the while Becca is a target of her former allies of the CIA.

A sweet and sorrowful subplot of m/m targets two of the men involved in detangling who wants Becca turned to ash. 

Mercy is a light erotic and suspense novel which uses power, sex, and love that can’t be ignored to unite the hearts of Becca and Jarrett.  He’s a true hero who will give up everything for safety of his love.

The story has a good pace and romance is the heart of the tale with suspense secondary to the main characters actions. 
Happy reading,

gent gent wantingist,  time, detain her on his property

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