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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Procrastinating Again!

     I’ve done it again. Procrastinated and waited until the last minute to write this post….again, because I had difficulty finding a topic (I know! Can you believe that? Even my weekly trip to the grocery did not inspire me.) One would think this wouldn’t happen, but alas, it does.

     I could tell you that A Treasure Worth Keeping (which came out in ebook in December) is now in print — Whoooo-hooo!

     I could wax poetic about the weather here in beautiful sunny Phoenix. It’s been gorgeous, but we hit 100 degrees the other day and I admit, I was not quite ready for that. I love winter in the valley – summers not so much (by the time October comes and I get that first smell of briskness in the air, I feel a lot like a sun-dried, wilted flower).

     I could tell you that I hit the jackpot and picked up nine new books to read (that’s not counting what I’ve recently downloaded to my Kindle) – some from my favorite authors, others from authors I haven’t yet read but I’m sure will become favorites.

     I could tell you that I’m hooked on two new shows on television – one is Salem, about the witch trials which I’m finding very interesting….love the costumes. The other is Black Box.

     I could tell you that this past weekend, I became the “Shredding Queen”, filling bags and bags with old papers I’ve allowed to accumulate (I could have a parade – I have enough confetti now!).

     I could tell you that I’m working on two novels at the same time. One is a western (because I love my cowboys), the other is an adventure (yes, they’re both romances). And both are kicking my butt (I should be working on them right now, but again, I am procrastinating!)

     And that’s all right. After all, procrastination is the subject of this post but I think I’ve dragged my feet long enough….time to put my nose to the grindstone and get to it!

     So, what have you put off simply because, truthfully, you just didn’t want to do it? And how do you talk yourself out of procrastinating and getting on with it? 

As always, happy reading!

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  1. I put off grading paper for as long as possible. I have even been known to clean out the bathroom sink drain rather than do them! But the deadline and my responsibility to my students makes me get it done. I'm almost done with this semester! Whoohoo!