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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tell Me a Story by Tamara Lush

Emma likes to call herself a “Story Whore.”  The title fits well when she’s reading excerpts of her current romance novel she wrote.  Once a month her book store holds a Story Brothel.  Interested listeners and readers pay a small fee for an exclusive reading. Half the money goes to charity and half to the writer.

Emma dares to read a racy excerpt when her “client,” Caleb, picks her for a reading.  She wonders why the sexiest business man in the city came to the event.

Caleb accompanied his sister to the event out of responsibility.  He soon finds that the event is more fun than he ever would’ve given it credit.  Work is his world and he rarely gives his time to acting socially.

Caleb is awestruck with the vintage-wearing, seductive story-teller and insists he take her out to dinner.

Not sure she’ll fit into his world of money and expensive everything, she accepts.  Maybe this will take her mind off the sale of the historic building her bookstore and other creative stores rent space from.  She’ll worry about that later.

Then Emma finds out he develops and buys real estate.  Caleb’s business is so large that he doesn’t know all the deals happening.  Is his business a deal breaker for Emma and her bookstore?  Does Caleb care? 

This is a great summer read, light and endearing!

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