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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The White Russian by Vanora Bennett

In 1937, love was not so easily expressed.  Many women were frustratingly subordinate to the men in their lives.

Evie, a young twenties lady, didn’t want to end up like her mother in that respect while she grew up in a privileged family.  Rather, Evie relished the idea of meeting her grandmother, who lived in Paris and had randomly sent Evie suggestions on being her own woman through the arts. 

After college, Evie escaped her family and flew to Paris.  Finally, she’d meet her estranged grandmother, find out why her grandmother is excluded from the family, and maybe start her own career!The White Russian

This isn’t giving away the story, but grandma’s dead when Evie arrives.  Grandma left a request for Evie, and that’s to find a man from grandma’s past. 

Evie researches and travels to unravel why a man named Zhenya is so important.  Grandma is connected with the White Russians and the story gets more complex as Evie accepts the help of a taxi driver to find Zhenya. 

Jean drives taxi to help with the family economy and is well versed in the connection between the White Russians and the office Grandma had set up for them. 

The close contact between Evie and Jean leads to their own growing relationship, and it couldn’t be any more romantic than the friends that become lovers.

The story of the grandmother’s illicit past and Evie’s beginning on her own are tied together in an intriguing plot of affairs, secrets, and pre- WW1 forgotten history.

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