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Thursday, November 9, 2017

TEMPTATION OF CHRISTMAS FUTURE (A Christmas Carol #3) by Lexi Post Released!

Available for a limited time for only 99¢, Temptations of Christmas Future (A Christmas Carol #3) has just released in a multi-author anthology of 6 sexy stories titled Blame it on Fate

Not only do you get the 3rd in a 4- book series about the Christmas Spirits who visit a young widow in Deervale, Scotland, but also a time travel Scottish romance and 3 contemporary romances, all sizzling hot! What's not to love? 

But the low price is only for this month, so grab it while you can :-)

Always, Lexi 

How great is the price of Fate?
Six stories about love, passion, and the role Fate plays in the lives of lovers. Six couples must decide whether to accept Fate or fight against it.

Temptations of Christmas Future (A Christmas Carol Book 3) by Lexi Post: When Joy, the Spirit of Christmas Future, is paired with a problem Spirit Guide, her positive outlook is tested beyond its limits. Will she persevere, or will Malcolm, the young widow they’re helping and her own outlook be the casualties of her weakness? 

Highland Oath (Highland Treasure Book 1) by C.A. Szarek: Saving a life in the 17th century is hard enough for a time-traveling doctor, until Fate hands her heart to a Highlander.

Claiming Emerson by Heather Miles: My double life was a shell game I’d mastered long ago, a chosen fate. The art of illusion wasn’t just something I’d become proficient at, I lived it.

On A Whim by JM Walker: B. Vesper is hiding. As a bestselling BDSM indie author, he knows all too well the dangers of letting people get close. But when his new cover designer Kiki Smith starts breaking down his walls and letting him in her life, will his secret rebuild those barriers?

A Twist On Fate by Jillian Stone: “They say that you don’t meet people by accident, that you cross paths with strangers for a reason. But then memes about fate are for morons, right? Thing is—after what just happened—I’m not so sure anymore.”  —Skylar Fenstermaker

Undeniable Fate (Undeniable Series Book 1) by Mia London: Shocking is putting it mildly. When the stranger she’d met only twelve hours earlier suddenly walks into her hotel room, Lily can think of only one thing.

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