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Monday, November 20, 2017

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child & More

Okay. I know. I'm late to the game. I always am. This week I finally indulged in my guilty pleasure: Harry Potter. I knew HP and The Cursed Child was a screen play, which is why I held off. I find reading in that format a bit tedious. However, after the first few pages, it wasn't a problem. Overall, the book wasn't too bad. Definitely didn't compare to the first seven books. But what amazed me is how a theater production could pull of the play night after night without something catastrophic happening. Every other page was a new set, different characters, wardrobe changes . . . and that didn't even begin to cover all of the magical aspects. I went online for answers. I didn't get many but I did find out that you have to buy a separate ticket for parts 1 and 2. Very interesting. I'm crossing my fingers that the play will eventually travel, but with so many sets, I don't think it will be in the near future. I'm still putting it on my bucket list.

In other news, yesterday my son and I forged ahead with Christmas. (Don't worry, Thanksgiving. We haven't forgotten you.) We made salt-dough ornaments. It was fun and he thought it was great to color "cookies". I highly recommend it as a family project.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope it's as magical as Harry Potter.
Nicolette Pierce

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