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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Heart of Frankenstein by Lexi Post

 A fantastic follow-up to the classic Frankenstein.  Lexi Post starts with an overview of the classic, which relates a great understanding of the complex physical and emotional struggles Frankenstein’s monster endures.

My heart melts for Sas, the name given to the “monster.”  Getting to know him, he’s anything but a monster, but rather a gorgeous, virile, thoughtful individual.  All he wants is to survive with a small hope of a woman to take away his loneliness.

Of course, Sas is not completely human.  With his heightened senses, he miraculously notices and saves a young woman, Angel he names her, who is lost and nearly frozen on a mountain ridge in northern Alaska.
Angel works and takes dangerous adventures around the world, so she has met many types of men in her life.  Meeting Sas, who she now depends on to overcome severe frostbite, doesn’t scare her at all.

Off the grid and in a secluded region, Sas does his best with hundreds of years of knowledge to help repair Angel’s health.  She’s a beautiful woman. He wishes he could stop his growing affection for her, but Angel encourages him.

Angel is amazed with the powerful man who has taken her in, even though she must work hard to have him reveal anything about himself.  Many of his traits she discovers by accident and is intrigued all the more.

And yes, the intrigue is well deserved!  The characters are explicitly formed and the healing and seduction fuse together in powerful scenes of romance, love, and trust.

Some novels grab my heart and make me forget that I’m reading!  Post is a master at reliving the classics with an erotic happily-ever-after.

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  1. Dawn, I'm so glad you enjoyed Frankenstein's creature's love story. This story is near and dear to my heart. Thank you for the wonderful review :-)

  2. You're very welcome and you deserve it!