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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Please vote for HEART OF FRANKENSTEIN by Lexi Post!

In D'Tale magazine has nominated me for a RONE Award in the Fantasy Romance category for my paranormal romance Heart of Frankenstein. This award recognizes excellence in romances published independently or by small presses. It is a really BIG deal!
In order to be a finalist and have my story judged on its merit, I have to garner enough votes between today and May 27 to put me in the top five. I'm competing against 13 other books.
If you're willing to vote, I'd so appreciate it. First register before voting as they only take 1 vote per person. Once you get to the site, go to the top and hit login. It will allow you to register (for free). 
Once logged in, at the top right, hover over InDscribe/Rones and drop down to 2018 RONE AWARDS. On the left a menu will appear. I'm in Week 6 (in Fantasy).
I truly can't do this without you. If you could vote for Heart of Frankenstein, it would mean so much to me💗   
Thank you.   
Always, Lexi

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