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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Veronica Reviews: PRETTY LIES by Kitty Thomas

Dark Erotic Romance
Kitty Thomas
Burlesque Press
4 Stars

“And what would you do?”
“I could kidnap you. I could take you away to my castle and make you my pleasure slave. I would take very good care of you. You’d be my pet. Would you like that, kiska?"

Being a phone sex operator, Annette has become accustomed to using her voice and sexy talk to give men what they desire. But when a drunken night of telling her pretty lies to a dominant Russian leads to the kidnapping of her beloved twin, Annette is faced with going down the rabbit hole in order to save her sister and follow through with the lies she told. Anton’s world is not Wonderland, and Annette discovers there is a darkness that lies within the walls of his domain. But when the darkness threatens to destroy the trust built between Anton and Annette, they are both left questioning their feelings for each other and what the future holds for them.

In Kitty Thomas’ Pretty Lies, we revisit the world she created in her books Guilty PleasuresBroken Dolls, and Surrender. With this being a prequel to those, you do not need to have read those stories to enjoy this one. Highly recommend this book or any of Kitty’s other stories! If you are a fan of darker erotica, Kitty Thomas should be on your one-click list!

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