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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Seeing Red by Sandra Brown

What a journalist won’t do for a story.
Kerra Bailey gets an exclusive interview with The Major, an American hero who’s gone silent for several years.
She has a surprise for The Major, yet the surprise after the interview for both of them isn’t pleasant.  Bullets and blood.
Former ATF agent, John Trapper, who’s also The Major’s son, wants to keep Kerra silent and out of the picture.  For her safety and just because she makes Trapper pitch a tent, he convinces her to stay with him.
                            SEEING RED by Sandra Brown
Business before pleasure when Trapper needs to find the people who shot his father and have a target on Kerra and himself.  Granted, he’d rather mix the two, but something always interrupts any thoughts or actions!
Not only that Kerra may have seen the shooters, but they’re connected to a decades old bombing that she was present for.  Talk about a mess of circumstantial evidence and a mess of bad guys fooling the cops.
It might be easier for Trapper to convince law enforcement who the assassins are than to get Kerra close enough to keep.  We all know how adept Sandra Brown is at layering the evidence and turning your thoughts on where the story will go, so read with caution because the ending will be a surprise!
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