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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Adventures in Drivers' License Photos!

        Hello, gentle readers!
It’s been a busy couple weeks for me, but everything that needed to get done got done so that’s good. That included a trip down to have a new photo taken for my driver’s license.
Why did I do this when it's the last thing I wanted to do?
Well, I received a notice from the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles telling me that the picture on my license was too old. The license itself is good for another couple years, but the picture….well, the State of Arizona wanted a new one. I had until July 1 to accomplish this task so, of course, I put it off as long as I possibly could because…well…the camera and I have a love / hate relationship (sorta like me and my scale…but that’s another tangent).  
And the camera knows it.
Unposed, candid shots? No. Just no. They are the stuff of nightmares. Seems I always have my mouth open or I’m blinking or any number of other things that look terribly foolish.
Professional shots aren’t so bad…wait, what am I saying? It’s the camera, I tell you. It just hates me (we’re not even going to mention my first and only attempt at a selfie!).
And my worst fears were realized. The old picture on my license seemed like it was taken from a distance. You saw my whole face but you also saw quite a bit of the blouse I was wearing. So, yeah, distance. And it was a good thing.
I wasn’t so lucky this time. There was no distance at all. This photo is front and center and so big! And it’s just my face…no glimpse of my blouse or anything. Made me wonder if the camera was broken, but no. *Sigh*  
The good news? I got to do one of my favorite things while I waited to have said picture taken. I got to people watch and I love that! People fascinate me, especially when they’re interacting with each other. I witnessed two heated arguments while I was there and one couple who must be newly in love, given the way they gazed at one another. The best thing I saw? An older man (must have been in his 80’s) being solicitous and caring and gracious toward his wife.
Did seeing that loving older couple make it worth it to have another bad photo taken? Yeah, it kinda did!

Until next time, remember to spread kindness wherever you go.

Disclaimer: The blog you just read was all written tongue in cheek, except for the people watching part.

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