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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Falling the the Highlander by Lynsay Sands

How could I not pick a historical romance after watching Meghan and Harry tie the knot!

I knew I would flip the pages fast when I picked Sands’ novel. 

Murine was sent to England from her home in Scotland to live under the guardianship of her half-brother after her parents died.  That’s fishy from the start.

And worse yet, the half-brother does not treat her with respect or concern.  He’d rather sell her for a horse or less.

Dougall, a handsome and fearless Scot, finds this out when he and his brothers bring horses for the half-brother to buy. 

The purchase fails because of lack of money, and the Scots leave.

Murine has had it with the horrible treatment stowed upon her and escapes the same night the Scots leave.  She leaves riding Henry, her cow.

The Scots catch up to her quickly and do the honorable thing by helping her escape the wretched life she lives.

When she reveals her background, Dougall makes it his obligation to protect her.  Murine’s background is quite astounding and she wants to go back to it.

Dougall thinks marriage to him will solve Murine’s problem, but what a maze they must go through to avoid all the traps.

Only love and determination will save them and keep them together and I’m sure there’s a lot of that!

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