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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Killer Christmas by Harper Lin

Emma Wild is an extraordinary singer.  She's lived her dream by hopping down to New York and singing songs of the trials of love.  Her fans see her as famous, talented, and living the life.  Even her now ex-boyfriend, Nick, was a famous movie star.
When she figured Nick had moved on to Victoria Secrets' lingerie models, she fled to her hometown in Hartfield, Canada, to celebrate Christmas.Killer Christmas
Emma's sister owns a delightful coffee house where the chocolate and coffee go hand-in-hand.  That's where the mishap, or murder begins.  The killing of a fan of Emma's brings her former high school sweetheart, Sterling, a detective, into the picture.
It's quite uncomfortable when Emma clues into the fact that she had been the target and has to interact with Sterling.  Repeatedly.
Sterling never lost his love for Emma.  How is it possible he can be around her, investigate thoroughly, and keep his lips off her mouth?  From the tabloids, he knows she dates men much better than himself.
Glamour doesn't make one person better than another, and that's a lesson taught and hopefully learned in both their minds.
There may be murder and jealously intertwined in this Canadian Christmas, but it's a spectacular light lit on top the Christmas tree that can enlighten the heart with love.

Merry Christmas,

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