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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Veronica Reviews: BAD BOY BIKER BOOTS by Brynn Paulin

Bad Boy Biker Boots 
(The Bad Boys Book 1)
by Brynn Paulin

5 Stars

“Hello, Cinderella.  It’s nice to meet you…but before you kiss me again, you should know I’m not Prince Charming.”

Stood up at a dive bar, Louisa is not about to let the “mean girls” think they have beaten her.  With all the confidence she can muster, Louisa walks over to the verra hawt biker she’s been watching play pool all evening and kisses him.  Beyond shocked at her own boldness, Louisa is even more shocked when “Biker Boots” returns her kiss…and offers her a ride home.
Dodge can’t believe his luck.  The beautiful blonde he’s thought of as one of the Disney princesses his niece is so fond of just walked over and kissed him.  Not one to pass up a challenge, Dodge rescues his damsel and offers to take her home…but she should know in advance, he’s all in, and in his arms, she’ll be loved like no other.

Prepare to meet your next book boyfriend in tattoo artist/bad boy biker, Dodge.  The author has told a smexxy insta-love story that will keep the pages turning and leave you begging for more!  

Usually, I don’t give novellas 5 Stars because I feel the story is never quite developed enough, but Brynn Paulin manages to pack quite the punch in her erotic short Bad Boy Biker Boots, and I absolutely loved every second of the ride!  Highly recommend and look forward to the next installment to her Bad Boys series!

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