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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Don't Rush Me by Jackie May

Did you ever have that queasy feeling when someone says they “wish they could read your mind”?  I wouldn’t want to know what everyone else is thinking and certainly would not want them to peer into my thoughts.

Nora Jacobs doesn’t have family, friends, or a lover for this purpose alone.  If she touches someone, she can instantly know what they’re thinking.  Sometimes it’s mundane, sexual, or a madman at work.  She’s a simple human with underworld powers.  Best to stay away from all.Don't Rush Me (Nora Jacobs Book 1)

It seems that everyone is interested in her, though.  Her neighbor starts it all with constantly wanting to get a piece of her, so the sorcerer who doesn’t trust his magic tries to help her.  The neighbor, Xavier, is someone to stay away from while Ollie’s a good guy.

When Parker, a vampire, insists on her help along with his sire Henry, Nora doesn’t have much choice, but to obey.  Granted Henry, the head vampire, wants more from her, and so does Parker.  Parker is probably a good guy and Henry is a trying for a mate.

Let’s not forget the trolls. Terrence may look mean and act grumpy, but he’s lined up with the good underworlders.

Many of the men in Nora’s life want her either for help in finding missing underworlders, as a friend, as a conquest, or as their girlfriend.  It’s a complicated scenario, but Nora knows which is which.  Eventually!

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