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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

How can love rip a family apart?  Karin Slaughter has that twist in her novel.
Lydia and Claire, two sisters left to figure out their lives after their oldest sister disappears and their parents fall into their own despair, end up with a problem that bring them back together after twenty years.
The problem is still their missing sister.  UK
Lydia is my favorite character.  She's the one that fought hard to correct her life, the addictions, the search for something right in her life, and dealing with the estrangement of her family. Her boyfriend of ten years doesn't sound so enticing on the outside, past criminal convictions, but loves her and really loves her!
Claire acts too perfect, the rich husband, has everything material, and doesn't see the truth.
That is, until it all unravels.  Claire's husband is murdered, evidence of her missing sister surfaces along with letters her father wrote to the missing sister (never delivered, of course), and letters from her mother to Lydia, also never delivered.
The proof of the sister's disappearance definitely points to one person, but who else is involved?  Local police?  The FBI? family members?  This is where the real love breaks free of the lies and repairs tattered relationships!

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