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Friday, August 9, 2019

Veronica Reviews: RESISTING THE ROCK STAR by Megan Slayer

Resisting the Rock Star
by Megan Slayer

4 Stars

“You could have anyone…”
“You’re right.  I could have anyone I want, and that person is you.”

Rock legend Mason “Kross” Khan has been living life in the fast lane.  Selling millions of albums, performing before sell-out crowds and being the lead singer and songwriter for his band, suddenly he finds himself the father of a teenager and circumstances have him to heading to small-town America to meet and care for him.  He’s determined to take a break from the industry, and get to know the son he never knew he had.
Danya Littrell is the local high school art teacher, and just by chance, meets Mason at a bar.  Flustered that he shows an interest in her rather than her friends, she decides to do something daring—she has a one night stand with the hot stranger.  But when parent teacher conference day arrives, she is shocked to discover that her midnight booty call is none other than the father of one of her students. 
Mason isn’t sure what it is about Danya, but her kindness and strength calls to him.  In his eyes, she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, but convincing Danya will take work.  Her ex was a verbally abusive man who cheated on her…a man that just happened to be in a musician, and she has sworn off those types.  Now Mason is torn between sharing the secret of his identity or keeping the knowledge to himself out of fear that she will reject him before their relationship has a chance.
Resisting the Rock Star is an enjoyable well-written story that I would recommend, and look forward to reading more about Mason’s bandmates!

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