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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Happy Anniversary!

Hello, gentle readers!
The DH and I just celebrated our thirty-ninth wedding anniversary (we’ve been together for over forty years). That’s quite a milestone…fully two-thirds of my life here on earth.
I knew he was the one – the soul-mate we all believe is the other half of ourselves – almost from the beginning. He was funny (still is) and charming (when he chooses to be) and he has a huge heart (but don’t tell anyone I said that…he’ll deny it). He rode a motorcycle (still does) and my mother called him “a bad boy”, so unlike anyone I’d ever known – I was quite sheltered most of my life (you know what I’m talking about…so many rules about what I could and couldn’t do, Catholic school, who I could be friends with…the whole bit and believe me when I say, she was not happy when we started dating, but she came around – eventually).
As we’re wont to do, we reminisce, and believe me, there’s a lot to reminisce about – our memorable first date, our wedding (he was so nervous!), the birth of our son, our epic journey when we moved from New Jersey to Arizona in an old, beat-up station wagon with a not quite eighteen month old and a 95 pound German shepherd, dragging all our worldly possessions behind us in a U-haul (and hit a blizzard just outside of Albuquerque!). We had no jobs, and a small amount of money in our pockets, but we had faith in ourselves and each other and we were determined to succeed (plus, don’t ever tell me I can’t do something…I’ll do it just to prove you wrong…I’m a bit stubborn that way), two hip replacements (his, not mine), and other medical situations.
Can he drive me crazy? Oh, you bet, but I'm sure I drive him crazy, too (we've had lots of practice). Does he still make me laugh? That would be a big, fat yes. All the time. Does he understand me? Yeah, he does, probably better than I do myself sometimes. That's part of the magic in being together for so long.
We’ve done a lot of growing in the past forty-something years. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been worth it, and you know, I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. Happy Anniversary, honey!

Until next time, remember to spread kindness wherever you go.

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