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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Ruthless Knight -Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series- Book 2 by Elizabeth Rose

Bastard sons of King Edward in the fourteenth century have turned against the King for good reason.  Or so they thought.
When the triplets were wee babes, the King's decision was to kill them, yet they were saved by a distant relative.  The boys' vowed to never bow to the King, but rather raid and plunder the King's riches.
Rook, one of the triplets, lives in the catacombs of a haunted priory.  He still plans against the King, and prefers the solitary life of a thief.Ruthless Knight by Elizabeth Rose
Lady Calliope lives under the tight hand of her uncle and frequently sneeks food and supplies to the villagers.  On a rainy day, she chooses to return to the castle through the priory and avoid the rain.
Her heart nearly bursts with an unknown yearning for the handsome and powerful man she comes upon in the catacombs.
Rook fakes his ability to hold and destroy Calliope when he finds her spying on him.  He easily spares her when he wonders how he can possibly have these strange feelings of...of...lust, interest, or love(?!) towards a noble.
He can't possibly care for her, give her what she deserves, or break his own vow to destroy the King.  So how does she fit in his life?
Lady Calliope doesn't have the freedom or the right to let her heart go to a thief.
But is Rook that bad?  Is Lady Calliope so restrained by nobility that her heart can't go where it wants?  So many hurdles to conquer.
Lovely story of the triumph of love.  One thing the passing of centuries hasn't changed- the strength of the heart!

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