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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Love'sTempting by Maryann Jordan

Lily likes to keep her world quiet and frankly, lonely.  She's never mentally gotten over her physical change from an accident, yet physically, someone would have to look closely.
Matt has a similar issue with his looks.  Women glance at his problem before knowing him, and that makes it hard to let anyone into his life in a romantic attachment.
Working in the basement of a hospital, Lily is contracted to update their computer system that deals with prescriptions.  She keeps her contact with people limited except for her assistant.  That's until her assistant is murdered.
Matt is assigned to the case as a detective.  Love's Tempting by Maryann Jordan
It's inevitable the two meet.
Matt's amazed that Lily doesn't appear to notice his visible scar.  The first woman ever.
Lily is self-sufficient and is far from someone looking for help or a handout.  Matt does want to assist her, but understands the contradiction of pity and care.
And then there's the murder with a killer running loose.
If Lily knows something, she's going to be in danger.
If Matt is overly protective, she'll back away.
They have a few hills to climb and work out a way to find the top together.
The story was a good romantic suspense with likeable characters.  I thought they could've had more tension in the romance department as the doubt between the two was minimal.  The mystery part was well thought out and filled with twists, so I do recommend this a four star  read!

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