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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Carrots (A Shelby Nichols Adventure) by Colleen Helme

 Carrots, a staple for color in a stew or soup.  They're worth a stop at the store.  

If only Shelby knew what this super vegie would cost her.  The grocery store was a fatal trip.  Not for her, but for the man she witnessed getting shot down.  The shooter knew she saw, so he aimed his gun at her and the bullet grazed her head.

Turns out the shot is superficial.  Shelby and her husband, Chris, are greatly relieved. Granted, she gains a strange, new ability.

 When Shelby begins to know what people around her are thinking, she wonders if she's lost it.  There's many things to be lost in life other than your mind.  Is her marriage solid?  What about Chris's co-worker who's trying to catch his attention? Will the shooter come after her?  Should she take on a part time job now that the kids are older?  What does her husband think of her?

Shelby has a lot to deal with and many new topics with this idea of reading people's thoughts.  She goes for the new job, only to find she's into working for the Big Boss of the shooter.  At any rate, she hopes to find out who the shooter is, turn in the whole organization involved, repair the holes in her marriage, and keep everyone safe and happy at the same time. 

Repeated attempts on her life result in bumps, bruises, wearing a disguise, and hiding from what Shelby is looking for: the truth.  She stumbles through the maize of a coverup to recapture the love and trust she's convinced her and Chris can still reclaim.

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