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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

A Mistletoe Kiss (A Tangled Charms Romance) by Jennifer Faye

The village of Marietta has everything for a perfect Christmas, falling snow, soft lights around the streets, and Suzanna Simms who can't help violate her own commitment of being single for this year's holiday.

Suzanna has been around the block on the almost-married circuit and wants peace this year.  Her artsy knick-knack store, Tangled Charms, will keep her plenty busy along with friends and family.

Jake Hamilton, her new next-door neighbor, feels the same way about getting tangled up in a relationship.  He has his furry St Bernard to keep him company during dinners of pizza and to-go food.

It's just funny how they keep running into each other, needing assistance with lights or carrying groceries, and sneaking extra opportunities to informally end up together.  

Somehow, Suzanna and Jake end up together, no strings attached, at her parents for dinner.  Family, thinking she needs a boyfriend, assume they're together.  And then the fun really starts as Jake and Suzanna fake it through the holiday season.

Pay attention to when the "faking" is real.  It's hard to pick the right episode, whether it's the contagious smile, the slip of his arm around her waist, or a trip to the ice skating rink!  


Dawn Kunda  


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