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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Death Stalks Door County by Patricia Skalka

 Door County is a peaceful and beautiful peninsula.  Why would anyone commit suicide at the county park with comforting nature all around?  

When the list of deaths gets longer, Dave Cubiak can't help but check on his suspicions.  Cubiak left Chicago after burnout as a homicide detective and the death of his family, hoping to regroup and find himself.  Being a detective is the way he thinks.  Multiple unexplainable deaths isn't normal.

Cubiak is  accepted and pulled into a small group of locals.

  There's the motherly ones, fatherly, and friendly residents.  And those that hide their thoughts versus share them.  He's seeking the hiders and meets several capable of committing murder.  

Cate Wagner, a photographer, approaches Cubiak at a party he attends.  He's looking for clues and finds a little more.  Eventually they realize their backgrounds are what they have in common, at least the part on how to deal with themselves.  A mutual interest develops in short interludes. 

I like the fact that many suspects are studied, and it's not easy to figure out who did it.  Also, the romance isn't a for sure thing. I'm going to have to read the series and see how far Cubiak and Cate get together or apart.

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