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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Spellbreaker by Charlie N. Holmberg

 Orphaned as a little girl, Elsie Camden now does her best to survive the 1880's Victorian London, England as an assistant to a stonemason, Ogden.  

I've always felt London such a magical location.  Now I have my chance to experience a London truly full of magic!  In Elsie's world, there are spellmakers and spellbreakers, and it's well known that magic is used especially among the rich males. 

Elsie keeps her spellbreaking ability undercover and only uses it when called on by the team that can hopefully give her a license to be legit.

At this time, London has a bunch of murders to Masters of magic.  Bacchus, a knight near his Master title, requests Elsie to help him break spells.  Not only does she astound him with her ability, they both secretly have love building a connection.  Under the unwritten rules, a romance is out of the question.  

That's until the mystery of the murders is connected to Elsie's spellbreaking and Bacchus wants to protect her, whether he should or not.  

Quite a white-knuckle story as Elsie is in constant danger, her housemates are involved, good and bad, and Bacchus is the only one left to tie up the loose strings.  And can they solve the murders, stay alive, and reveal their feelings in this era of class distinction?  I sure hope they find a way because they are perfect for each other!

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