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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Losing Track of Days


Hello, gentle readers! 
My apologies for being absent. In all truthfulness and toward a degree of transparency, I fully admit that I am losing track of days.
How can that be? I have a calendar on my computer. In fact, the date shows at the bottom of the screen and never goes away. I have a wall calendar hanging up that I can plainly see. I have a day job that goes from Monday to Friday and there specific things that I do each day (Wednesdays I meet my boss for signatures though lately, we’ve been meeting twice a week…maybe that’s what’s throwing me off. I don’t know) so how can I have missed posting on this page.
The plain, simple fact is it seems to be happening quite a bit. Case in point: last Wednesday (and I was well aware that it was Wednesday as I was planning to run out for said signatures), I wished my workmates a happy Tuesday. I know! Crazy, right!
In my defense (though I’m not sure I have one), I have been busy. I’ve been working so hard finishing my current work in progress. It’s been a story full of fits and starts (as you know), but as I mentioned before, I am on the downward slide.
The day job has been incredibly busy (even for me, who loves diversity in my work and can switch gears in mid-stream). Seems like I can’t catch my breath (or catch up, which is so unusual. My workmates are in the same boat and boy, do we look forward to the weekend, when, of course, we get to do everything we can’t get to during the week!)
Maybe it’s just the fact that the days are speeding by too quickly. Thanksgiving is just around the corner with Christmas not far behind (and wasn’t it just Fourth of July yesterday?). Is that my problem? Am I getting too caught up in the holidays and the passage of time?
Whatever my problem is, I hope to remedy it quickly. I don’t like losing track of days! It just feels too odd! And moving forward, I will do my best not to miss a post.  
Until I get back on track, stay well! Stay safe! And remember to spread kindness wherever you go!


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