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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Dark Tides by Philippa Gregory

 So many lives and loves at stake in 1670 at a shabby area of London on the Thames.

After two decades, Lord Avery returns to London to reclaim his love and son.  Alinor is tested with her heart and mind.  Can she forget or forgive that Avery left her for dead when he realized she was pregnant with his child?  

Livia voyages to London from Venice with a dire message.  Alinor's son, Rob, has drowned. As his widow, she claims she will help the family become rich in return for a place in Rob's English family.  Livia doesn't seem to be without the need for a man at her side and thinks Avery would be a better match for herself than Alinor.

Sarah, Alinor's granddaughter, is suspicious of Livia's intent, and plans a trip to Venice.  This will give her proof of Livia's past.  Sarah has a long itinerary to verify the death of her uncle and to check the history Livia proclaims.  

Sarah meets a man with many stories of Livia and her occupation.  Felipe holds Sarah's heart if she will agree he's a reformed man.

With a casual pace to the beginning of the story, the intrigue tumbles in from all sides as the characters reveal their true personalities and intents.  People do change, some for the better.

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