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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

My Everything by Melanie Shawn

 Be honest, a one-night-stand is not as horrible as it sounds.  

Amber spends many nights in her cozy bed in Harper's Crossing dreaming about one night, one man, eight years ago.  

Most would think it's time for her to give up her fantasy.  She has a successful clothing boutique and fabulous friends.  Find a different man who exists.

Seth is a God.  Medically released from an elite Marine Corp unit, he's back home and having a hard time relating to civilians and a civilian's life. 


Amber has family issues, which make it hard for her to trust those she loves.  Her mom has a hand in this.  Along with a stressful mom/daughter relationship, someone is intent on breaking in and vandalizing her home and property.

Let's hope that Seth realizes he has a lot, which includes safety, to offer Amber.  If only he thinks he's good enough for her.  

Fortunately, Harper's Crossing is a small town and has a great sense of community.  It's a challenge not to be put in a situation where the residents mix and mingle, so let's hope there's enough mixing to cause mingling between Amber and Seth.  Their fantasy can be reality!

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