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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Always Believe in Love by Maureen Driscoll

 1823 near London.  

Nicholas Chilcott, Earl of Layton, must relieve his mind of the accusations of his late father as a traitor.  Nicholas's cousin, Simon, has other ideas such as relieving Nicholas of his duties, even if it means by death.

Traveling to Weymouth looking for evidence of his father's


past, Nicholas encounters the church archivist.

Kate Winston pens the records of the church under the new vicar who has planned to marry her out of his necessity.  She wants nothing to do with him.  The previous vicar, God rest his soul, had lovingly cared for her since her parents demise.  Now she must survive without a family and few friends.  Her wit and determination make her a strong character and ready to deal with an Earl looking for information.

Nicholas does his best to fit in and befriend the locals by giving a helping hand in trades he's never done along with traveling in perilous conditions.  With Kate lending a hand in dangerous ways, their hearts seek each other out.

Yet, Nicholas doesn't want to mix Kate up in his family mess, and Kate feels she won't fit into his royal circle.  

Their story is a delightful read with matching wit and strength between lovers from different backgrounds.

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